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Hypermiling : for Hybrid Cars or SUV Drivers or any Vehicle in Between

Hypermiling for SUV Drivers

What is hypermiling? According to a a fantastic August 2006 story in the Washington Post, it is a method of increasing your car's gas mileage by making skillful changes in the way you drive, allowing you to save gas and thereby have an easier time withstanding the rising oil and gas prices.

Check out this video showing some basic hypermiling tips being given on electronic signage at busy intersections... in India!.

This CNN.com Article gives a fantastic explanation of some of the basic concepts behind hypermiling.

>> The first step toward saving gas and increasing mpg: Always know your gas mileage after each visit to the gas pump.

>> The second step: do you drive agressively but not know it?

>> The third step: Video: How long are you sitting still at red lights?

>> The fourth step: Keeping yourself moving in traffic congestion

>> The fifth step: Slowly accelerate after stops

>> The sixth step: Your cruise control saves gas (but not by using it they way you might think)

>> The seventh step: Buying certain aftermarket car and truck parts can save you gas.

Cars used to get higher mileage in the past, especially during the 1980's, since we had learned something from the 1973 oil embargo. Remember the 50 MPG Diesel Rabbit? And a 1989 Mazda Pickup - B2200 - got 33 miles per gallon on the highway, yet the currently available pickup - a B2600 - gets in the neighborhood of 20 MPG. WTF?! Think about the money ramifications: MPG then, now. Gasoline consumption then, now. Fuel prices then, now. Who is getting rich?

Remember the window sticker on your car when you bought it? Did you ever get the miles per gallon that it showed? I certainly never did. Normally I got as much as 1/3 less MPG than the value advertised.

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