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Fast accelerating burns more gas (=money!)

You use the most gas when you accelerate. For example, to get to a certain speed in 3 seconds, it takes more acceleration (fuel) than it would to reach that same speed in 4 seconds. Some ways to use this information to your advantage are:

  • When you start moving after stop at a red light or a stop sign, *and* if you are in a car with an automatic transmission, give an extra second of time between when you release the brake pedal and when you hit the gas pedal. (Dont do this with manual transmissions or you could cause an accident though!)

    As you probably know, an automatic transmission car will start moving very slowly on its own with no brake applied. You can use this to your advantage, as a form of starting out slowly from a stop, even if you only do it for a second. Then once your car is in motion - however slowly it may be going - you can start accelerating with the gas pedal.

    Why this helps: It takes a LOT more energy to get a stopped object moving rather than to get a moving object moving a bit faster (friction forces are involved here). Letting an Automatic transmission car start moving *slowly* under its own very small acceleration -- even just for a second -- will allow you to start using the gas pedal while the car is already in motion. (Note... this of course doesn't work on hills. Use it on flat or downgrade roadways.)

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