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Cruise Control: Not just for highways anymore

Accelerating a bit more slowly will make a *big* difference in your MPG. The "accel" button on your cruise control is a great way to accelerate slowly.

  • If you have one, use your car's cruise control. Learn about what it does from your owner's manual, and see this link about how a cruise control works.

    Why use it? Becuase with a cruise control, you can accelerate with very small, defined increments, like 1/2 to 1 MPH per click on the "accel" button. Or you can hold down the accel button & it will continue accelerating, but slowly.

  • Keep in mind that the cruise control normally doesn't allow you to turn it on until you reach a certain speed, like 25 MPH. To deal with this, just accelerate slowly up to that speed, then hit the "set" button on the cruise control to turn it on, and then use the "accel" button to go up from there. (Of course, make sure that the road conditions are safe for slow acceleration. Don't dare do this on a freeway onramp for example.)

  • While you use the cruise control, you can slow down by turning it off with the cancel button. Make sure to learn how the decel and accel and set and cancel buttons work in situations where you wont risk an accident. By practicing with the cruise control, you'll find over time that your thumb becomes very adept at taking care of the accelerating and decelerating that your foot does during any trip.

    Make sure you always keep one thing in mind though: A cruise control does not have the ability to apply brakes! So never, ever let your feet become relaxed, because you'll always need to hit the brakes during your trips. Speaking of brakes, here are some helpful links in case you need to replace yours: Brake Pads, Brake Rotors

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