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How do you drive? Are you braking a lot?

  • You've started recording your miles per gallon already, right?

    Get accustomed to wanting to know your MPG... Try to crunch the numbers in your mind as you drive away from each gas station fillup.

  • The second step:

    Believe it or not... you need to start thinking about -- and becoming aware of -- all the stuff that goes on in your head while you drive.

    This includes:

    • Your driving etiquette
    • How and when you offer courtesies to other drivers
    • Your opinions about other drivers in general
    • How you drive when you are in a hurry
    • How often you are in a hurry
    • What you do when drivers speed up behind you or tailgate you
    • And pretty much any other thoughts you have during every driving trip, conscious or subconcious.

    ... The point of all this being: Ask yourself WHILE YOU DRIVE -- can you possibly give let some of your thoughts focus on having maximum carefulness while driving, including offering buffer space between you and other drivers. when you are not paying attention to other drivers, for whatever reason, does it cause you to use your brakes more than you normally would?

    Here's the deal: Drivers apply their brakes between 10 and 25 percent more time than they need to!

    Huh??? If drivers leave a big enough buffer between them and the car in front - at least 2 seconds or more - there would be more time to coast before putting on the brakes. And if you see a red light way up ahead, why bother to keep your foot on the gas?

    The points to take away from this page:

    • People who don't leave much space between their car and the car in front use their brakes more often.
    • Braking turns motion into heat via the friction of the brakes, slowing down your car.
    • Gas was used by your engine to achieve motion.

    So when you apply your brakes, you are turning gasoline into heat instead of using the rest of the motion - by coasting through the space buffer between you and that car ahead, or that red light ahead - that you paid gas money to obtain in the first place.

    Watch your Miles Per Gallon

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    >> The third step: How long are you sitting - and what is your MPG - at red lights?

    >> The fourth step: Keeping yourself moving in traffic congestion

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