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Are you stopping at red lights for too long?

Guess how many miles per gallon you get when you are sitting at a red light?
Thats right, you are getting ZERO mpg when you are stopped at a red light or any other time you are stuck in traffic and not moving. So the thing to do is: minimize the time that you spend with your car stopped.

Let your foot off the gas the minute you see a red light in front of you. And think ahead, even if you don't see a red light: maybe there is a big street coming up, or maybe there is a 'stale' green light (a light that has been green a long time & you suspect it may go yellow before too long.)

Try to minimize the time you spend fully stopped with your engine idling. The minute -- no, the second -- that you see brakelights in front of you, take your foot off of the accelerator pedal, or hit the cancel button on your cruise control, and stop burning the gas that you know you'll be using up at zero mpg while you are stopped.

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